Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Sunshine!

Happy 4th Birthday
to my sweet sunshine girl!
(It was actually yesterday, 8-29!)
We love you and so happy that God placed you in our family! You are such a big girl now! You wanted a real 2 wheel bike (even though it needs training wheels) and God provided for you on Your Big Day! We found one-a great deal at a tag sale that we went to. See? May you never doubt that God will give you all that you NEED. You kept knocking, you kept asking for that bike-and He made it happen :) I love to see how God works in our lives and in our family. There are so many miracles daily. Mostly small ones, but let us not waiver from seeing these miracles. You bring so many people so much happiness. You are truly a ray of sunshine from the 'Son'!!!
You like to snuggle.
You like to do big kid puzzles.
You enjoy just sitting down and coloring for a long time.
You're already beginning to read! (Thanks to Daddy!:))
You really like your dollies-Kelly and Mary.
You enjoy school work with Mommy.
Your favorite color is Yellow.
Your favorite animal is an elephant.
You'd rather wear a t-shirt and sweats ANYDAY over a dress.
You make sure that no one thinks you are a baby and you're not shy to tell them so!
You are pleased with the small things in life, like a butterfly or a good book.
You have a small selected group of clothes that you are happy to wear everyday!
You don't need 10 presents to make you happy-
just that coloring book from your grandparents made your day special!
You are eager to help out around the house.
You're full of cheerful spirits!
You follow your big sister around everywhere.
You like to be 'twins' with your big sister.
You don't like to be the center of attention.
You don't mind going off doing your own thing, while there is a party going on.
You enjoy roughing it up in the woods and don't mind getting dirty,
and you are quick to run in to wash up!
Everyone needs to have a sunshine daughter in their family
and I am so thankful that God put you in ours!
I love you!
May you always grow closer to our Lord Jesus, and always take a hold of Mother Mary's hand. I love you sunshine!
Love, Mommy

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