Thursday, August 27, 2009

So... I am loved

Apparently, I do have at least a single person out there who reads my blog, asking me what happened to my blog and when I am going to return. To be loved...such a good feeling! I love ya too, sista! (so...when's the BIG DAY? This is a shout-out to my dear long time amiga).

Since I have been asked to post on my list, here are a few to post about today. More will come in the next few days. Before I start, I have to say that it was quite a relief to not have to think about this blog. I do love to blog and jot down all the funnies that happen in my life but I did begin to realize that I was living my life with-out being fully there. I kept asking myself if this or that was blog worthy instead of being 100% attentive to my children and our daily life. But it really does happen, to a lot of bloggers, I think. It was good to let go of the worry of not having a post for a day or struggling to put in a post at the moment instead of taking care of the crying child or the laundry or the dinner. It was nice to let go for a bit.

I think I'll take another break mid-Fall too.
But I am back in business.
So, start checking back daily, ok!?!? :)

I am about 1/2 way done with that check off list that I told you about. Not nearly as thrilled to only be 1/2 way done, but least I am 1/2 way there.

Funny, I got a call on the phone from this pregnant momma telling me I was completely nuts to let go of my 2 yr old's nap! So, since she knows way more than me and has experienced way more than me, I must obey!

Let's see...
CHECK: Naps are still of the essence around here and the best thing I found out is that I put him down for a nap in the morning and most mornings he'll sleep then and wake when he is good and ready instead of me putting him down after lunch and having to wake him and THEN having to love this grouchy bear of a child. It makes for a super long afternoon but with a cheer filled child. That makes all the difference.

CHECK: Meal Planning 101 for our family:
Sunday: a roast or chicken-Marsala, chicken cacciatore, rotisserie chicken w/potatoes and veggies and salad; rolls
Monday: spaghetti and meatballs w/corn or Burrito w/lettuce & refried beans; salad; rolls
Tuesday: “Breakfast dinner”-eggs/bagels or cc pancakes or french toast and sausages
Wednesday: Pizza or baked ziti w/green beans or Chili w/cheddar cheese and rice or noodles; salad; rolls
Thursday: Chicken quesadillas w/salsa/lettuce/ & refried beans
Friday: Fish/potatoes/veggie or tuna casserole; salad; rolls
Saturday: hot dogs/hamburgers, chips/pretzels, corn on cob

I know, not so very healthy...but somewhat kid friendly and key word EASY. This is the first week of this so called menu deal, and I goofed already. Didn't have enough chicken for the quesadillas so I put in cheddar cheese and rice instead...and we did not have anymore salsa so we used good ol' ranch dressing. We used the salsa for the roast in the crock pot that I made on Monday instead of Sunday (I switched those days). Oh well! Live and learn. We are very blessed to have no food allergies in our family which is quite amazing! At least none that I know of, anyway. Thank You God! We have a few friends who have children with severe or somewhat severe allergies so I count this as a huge blessing.

Want to know more? Check back in the next few days.

I was all ready to post a pic but this blogger is not letting me! oh, the nerve!

Oh well, that means bedtime for me. Good night!

God bless,


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Nicole said...

I missed you too, my dear old friend - well, not old as in #, but long time friend, that's what I meant:) Knew you were up to something good, and didn't want to interrupt! So glad you're back in business tho!