Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm meeting his needs can't he meet mine?

It is quite hot and humid around here...ya know, summer! We've been so blessed with not much hotness or humidity these past 2 months. Lots of rain (yuck) but the humidity was just not there most days. Well surprise!-it's here now. Letting my children out to play as early as 7:30am is a must if they are to get any type of fresh air and energy out and so this Momma does not get too loony.

My big kido #1 walked in and said "Oh, this is like paradise in here with the A/C!"

I am glad you are happy big guy!

But...can you do me a favor, please?! When I ask you to put a netflix in our mailbox and you say yes (thank you!), and when I ask you where are your sandals (since you have to cross our road to get to our mailbox), please don't answer me "uh...I don't know." and off you go barefoot.

Your Momma worries, ok?

About nails in the road! or broken glass! or dog poop! or very hot blacktop! So next time, thanks for obeying me and don't forget your shoes-"or else!" Love you!

Now I am off to play Battleship. Oh, the joys of summer and of boys. It never gets old.

God bless,

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