Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hi there. I'm feeling a little bit

preoccupied about many different things lately and need to get in order. Such as:

  • Weekly meal planning/menus.

  • Food shopping list and how to lower our weekly spending on food.

  • Daily school schedules.

  • To keep or let go of a 2yr old nap (eeek!).

  • Creating a more fun and organized school area.

  • Working out a more healthy way of eating -full of protein and less of sugar and artificial colors and additives.

  • Figure out a way to attain more consistent sleep.

  • Better sleeping habits for my baby and us. The thought of it is just wonderful.

  • Find a way to deal with my allergies with some local honey, herbs, and a whole lot of claritin and sprays (or should I say "Ala-geeeeeez" and my 2 yr old cutie says it every time I sneeze, which is a WHOLE LOT!!!)

  • A date with my husband (that we need oh so badly! Waaaaaaaaay overdue!)

  • And lots of pool time. Laughs. Fun. Hopefully the pool is the perfect outlet for the release of this stress.

Lord, I place all these concerns and worries into Your Hands. I cannot do any of this without You. Please be with me and inspire in me those answers to this list of things to get in order (aka stress). Help me to answer "Yes, I come to do Your Will" and "Thy Will be done, not my own". With You, all things are possible. You are my strength. Amen.

So, I am signing off of the blog for a whilet to work on this list above. And I might be brave enough to tell you about it and post pics too!

God bless,


momto5minnies said...

Good luck with your "to do list". I still feel way behind ...

Nicole said...

When you find all your answers, would you mind sharing those w/ us too;)

Ryan said...

I had a great laugh at the Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards - ha!