Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan for breakfast & lunch

I realize now that I did not add in the breakfast and lunch schedule for our menu that I posted last week HERE. I didn't need to write it down for me, b/c we have it pretty much memorized but for the sake of my 10,000+followers of my blog (heee heee!) I will add it in now.
I keep it pretty simple and easy. It is our routine to have breakfast together along with our dinners. We see it as yet another way to keep our family unified.
Monday: waffles and banana or yogurt
Tuesday: cereal and blueberries/strawberries
Wednesday: eggs and bagels, sausages and fruit
Thursday: cereal and fruit
Friday: oatmeal and yogurt
Saturday: eggs and bagels, and sausages
Sunday: chocolate chip pancakes and fruit
Monday: PB&J, pretzels, cut up carrots
Tuesday: mac and cheese
Wednesday: PB&J, pretzels
Thursday: tuna sandwiches and cut up veggies
Friday: grilled cheese, cut up carrots and cucumbers w/ranch dressing

Hope you find it useful.
God bless,

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