Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Here!!!

It's Here! yahoo!
My big Birthday!

Happy birthday to me. 33. Yes, 33.

Wow. I can't get over that I made it to 33 already. I have an awesome hubby. 6 children. 3 houses. 3 towns. 1 state. 3 cars. 2 vans, the second one being a super big 15 passenger van. short hair. long hair. short hair. long hair. back to short hair again! Let's see, what else...I feel like I could write and write but time is not on my side lately, not necessarily a bad thing.

So, the scoop on my birthday gift---I wish I could post a picture of it from Amazon but...if I do then I see the price and if I see the price then my hubby will not be happy. (Like the if...then clauses?! heee heee).

So........I got an awesome new digital professional camera, with a nice zoom lens and the pictures come out sweet! I am trying to find the time to learn about it all but I will have to be satisfied with a little at a time :) I love it! It is super light and compact and just what I wanted. I love taking pics esp. of my kids and I want to capture all these kiddie moments before they turn into adults!

My hubby was so creative in giving me the gift. First he gave me a very light box and I really had no idea what it was until I read the note:

"Happy Birthday! Hope this helps keep your new camera dry."
or something like that.

So, he runs back to our bedroom and comes out with a bigger and heavier gift and I opened it and saw my sweet camera! Yippee!

So, I am off to take the kids somewhere I can take new pics of them...not sure exactly where yet. I love the beach. Maybe there. Or the park. Or near some pretty flowers. Or taking a hike.

Once I learn how to download with my new camera, I'll post these pics. It may take a while so keep checking back, ok?!

Oh, how can I forget to mention my great tag sale finds? I got a big sturdy lego table without the legs (which is the way I wanted it) for my kids (did I mention they LOVE legos?!) for only $10. Funny thing is that I was JUST looking to buy the lego boards and found them 2 for $9.95 and this table came with 9 all glued to it. Did I mention also that it is very strong and sturdy?! It was homemade with some great talent, I'll tell ya. ALSO, another great find was 25 cents for clothing-all sizes. This is great! I was so pleased to find them too! I got some great name brand and well made shorts, skirts and shirts for 25 cents a piece! No stains, no rips. Nothing. I figured it was just the same as a consignment store so...why not?!

As for today, my children asked me what they could get me. I told them the best gift would be a day without fighting. Without yelling. Without crying. Peace, happiness and love, baby. I hope it turns out to be not a bunch of wishful thinking.

Either way, Happy b-day to me! :) 33!
God bless,


Jess said...

Happy Birthday!

I love reading your blog; you have such joy in your life and your family!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to wonderful you! Thank you God for Mary!

Rob said...

Happy half-way to 66!