Monday, April 12, 2010

Going nutty

What a day today has been.  Already.

Every little thing I am asking or telling my children to do so far, each one of them has put up a fit.  It is as though I am asking them to shovel dog crap or clean up puke or run a marathon or something. 

These Mondays are hard, indeed.  Some days are like this, though. 

I are going to be kids.  Their job is to drive us parents nuts.  Okay, so my kids have succeeded already and it is only 8:55am. 

'Tis going to be one looooooong day...

God bless,


Maurisa said...

You,too! We've had a day like that. I'm thinking of banning breaks from school all together. That ought to show them! Sigh. Hope the rest of you day goes better.

Mary said...

Hi Maurisa
Well, I guess it's nice to know that I am not the only one...but, still!!! Hope you had a better 1/2 of the day too!
God bless, Mary