Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is it vacation or what?

This week, most of the schools in our town have off. 

Do you hear me? 

They have off from school., why do I not hear any other kids other than mine outside?

Funny how mine are making the noise but mine are the ones who are in school this week!!!

God bless,

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Maia said...

I saw your comment on Half a Dozen Productions and HAD to hop over when I saw your blog name! Cheerios do fly...I love it! Even though I can't eat Cheerios anymore (gluten intolerance) I tell people that I will write memoirs someday entitled them "Peace and Cheerios" as I used to be the mother surreptitiously slipping my child Cheerios every time he opened his mouth to squawk.

I also tell people to buy their stock accordingly. The amount of Cheerios that I vacuum up, ALONE, causes General Mills share price to soar! (haha, I wish!)

Anyhow, great title. I will be back!