Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small Successes-It's Thursday!

I'm baaaaaaaack~!  It's been a few weeks since I have posted on

Glad to be back :)

Here we go...

1.  God has slowed me down to appreciate what I think are small blessings, but really they are huge blessings!- family, children, reading time, cuddle time.

2.  I've been working on stopping and looking at any one of my 6 children when he or she asks me something or needs me (which is almost all the time!!!).  Putting aside my wants and desires to actually finish something that I started is really hard!  (like right now-my baby is crying b/c his big brother (3 yrd old) just took his sandal...hold on, I'll be back...)

3.  Ok, I am back!  My 3rd small success is  (uh, hold on...)
See?  I'm a much needed person around here-I just settled a fight, braided some hair, praised my son for reading to his brothers (from the Bible nonetheless!!!), vacuumed the living room, gave attention to my 2 girls caring for their baby dolls, soothed a crying baby and now I am back yet again for my 3rd success...which is letting go.  I've been bombarded with having to re-direct my homeschool (home + school) atmosphere.  I have to let go of the perfectly clean house and perfectly matched and groomed children.  I have learned to let go of my children mastering English diagrams of sentences (for now anyway).  I had to let go of teaching them all what I think they would like to learn and instead go with the flow and explore what they want to explore and let them lead a little bit. (of course I have my list that has what is necessary to learn right now but they are still young and having lots of little toddlers and preschool aged children gives a totally different dynamic to learning in our house.)  I had to learn to be flexible in learning if we want to end this school year on a good note.  That is my 3rd success:  Let Go and Let God!

Go see more small successes HERE.

God bless,


SherryTex said...

I still struggle with lesson 2 all the time. So I'd say it was a big success week.

Party of Nine said...

I agree with SherryTex! Those are some BIG successes :) Well done!

Young Mom said...

I LOVE these successes! I am still trying to defeat perfectionism myself, especially after being in denial about it for so long. :)

Mary said...

Thanks all for these comments. I appreciate it so much!
GOd bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

ViolinMama said...

What a GREAT list. Very inspirational for me, even with a new baby due within days? weeks? Bless you for inspiring me to keep going!!

Much love!