Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do you like it? you dig my new template and all those girl-ie Spring-y type colors? 

Be honest, do you like it?

For me, I am not so sure about it.

My duaghter who is a 'sweet- lil- all -things -pink- girl' helped me out to have this new 'Blog Make-over'!  Of course she picked all those pink colors and I like purple so it came out very very girl-ie.  I will have to sleep on it a bit and see if I can grow to like it. 

When I commented on how it is so very girl-ie, my daughter says:

"Well, Mom, what do you want?  You're a girl!  You are not a boy!"

You are right, little chickie.  So, here's a shout out to all those girls out there-"hip hip horray for us girls!"

God bless,

1 comment:

Book Lover said...

Love the light spring colors especially since your little girl picked them out:) She must be so proud to help!


Kim Chrisman