Monday, April 5, 2010

I love my 18 month old

and how he puts up his leg or arm and says "boo boo" and I kiss it.  Then he says "all betta!" and off he goes playing again.

I love how when he bumps into the car with his ride on toy that he looks at me and says "stuck" and then I help him around the car and off he goes playing again.

I love how when he finishes his meal in his high chair, he holds up his hands and says "all done!"

I love how he follows his older brothers and sisters everywhere and anywhere.  You will never find this baby turning toddler anywhere by himself and that is a very good thing!

I love how he says "Daaaa-deeeeee!!!" and goes running up to our Daddy the second he walks through the door after a long day at work.  And he says it while at Mass when I come back to the pew after being in the back vestible for a while.  And....I think others delight in hearing it too!

I love how he can still lay next to me and snuggle; how he still (occasionally!) goes into my pouch/sling to be close to me.

I love how he plays on his emotions and pretends he is sad and crying when we say no to him.  He puts out his bottom little lip and crinkles his top lip and puts his precious head in the crook of my neck.  He begins to do a weeee little baby sob and holds tightly onto my shirt. 

I love how when he smiles, a deep dimple appears.  Then again, it appears so easily without a smile-you can't miss it!

I love how he is not crawling anymore and is off and running to play, esp. outside-he would spend the whole day outside if possible. 

I love how he is not afraid of animals, instead he is eager to get close to them!  (what a difference with some of my other children!)

I love how he calls his pacifier a "pie" and he knows exactly where to find them---under his crib!

I love how independent he tries to be, yet always glancing back for approval of Mommy's watching and that I am only a- hop-a-skip -and -a-jump away from him.

I love how he runs to me for security if he gets scared or is hurt or is saddened by a sibling, having total confidence that he knows he will get what he needs to feel better.

I love how he calls his sippy cup "guck".

I love this baby incredibly much. I love this age of 18 months.  I will continue to call him my baby even though he is 18 months old (God willing, until another one arrives!).  In my eyes and in my heart, all my children are still my babies, no matter how old!!!  This is absolutely the longest stretch between babies and I wonder what plans God has in store for us.  If you ask my children if they want another sibling, they will undoubtfully squeal with delight in saying "Yes!  Yes!  Yes!"  We pray that this prayer will be answered...according to God's awesome will for our family. 

Hope you had a Happy Easter-may God bestow many blessings on your families!
God bless,

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Book Lover said...

This was the sweetest thing to read. Your love and joy for your children just shines through your words. They are so fortunate to have been placed in your family by
God.Loved your Easter posts as well. Have a great week!

Kim Chrisman