Saturday, April 17, 2010


We just watched this movie, Pistachio, by VeggieTales:
It was a total hit w/our family!  I recommend it!  It focused on obeying and listening to your parents, and that is just what we needed to re-learn lately.  Perfect timing for Netflix to allow it to be on it's 'watch instantly' viewing!

About 10 minutes into it, my 6 yr old says "Mom!  I know this movie, it's Pitochio!"

I love how kids play on words! haaa haaa!

VeggieTales are awesome, they always have an underlining virtue, character quality and lesson to teach both kids and parents alike.  Their music is catchy too, cute and catchy ;)

I don't think I will ever not like VeggieTales!

God bless,

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