Thursday, April 29, 2010

Small Successes-It's THURSDAY-yipeeeeee!

Small Successes ~~~ at Faith and Family LIVE!


What are yours for the week?

Mine are:

1.  Read to my children the books I have wanted to read for a over a week!

2.  The children and I have been faithfully praying for Little Chrissie-their family website HERE

3.  I did not have a melt down last night while I was up for 2 hours with a sick little baby and up walking around with the 3 yr old-they both have croup! so scary.

God bless,

1 comment:

Mary said...

Time spent with littles is so wonderful especially story time! I do hope your children get well soon. Late nights pacing that floor are tough.
Love your blog. Can't wait to visit again soon.