Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog stuff...a long get ready.

I do want to mention about a blog that I seem to click on every chance I get to when I sit down at the computer. 

Go HERE to check it out. 

So, did you go?  Whatta you think?

Please do say a prayer for this sweet little 4 year old girl, Chrissie.  They depend on the power of their prayer warriors to God for the healing her.  I have shared her story with my own children and we are praying for her too.

What an amazing story, an amazing little girl, an amazing mother with such an amazing Faith in our Lord Jesus!  I am in awe of how she is handling it (or seems to handle it via blog posts).   She has opened not only her home to adopting a few children and especially the little one who is undergoing major medical stuff right now...but she has opened her heart to a deep love for this child and opened up to share with us (in this crazy blogosphere) what is going on during such an intimate and crucial time within their own family.  I find great inspiration from his blog, and from this family.

It is weird how in computerland, we can get connnected with total strangers and feel as though we are right there beside them, as though we really know them....which you don't, BTW...I know, shocker there, right?!?! ha LOL.   Do you feel that way about me?  B/c I hope that you don't.   Really.  I can only get to the computer to post about 1 out of 10,000 things that happen during the day, whether they be funny, sad, hilarious, stressful...whatever.  What you read here on my blog is not the whole me and my family.  Sometimes I do not want to post about the terrible things that can and may happen 20 million times a day, b/c I don't want you to know or I don't want to acknowledge how very frail I am (a pride thing, I guess!).

Getting back to that blog I mentioned a few paragraphs up.

Sometimes God has to hit me strong with a powerful message in a powerful way.  You too, huh?  LOL!  Sometimes I think I am doing great in my spiritual life and other times, I don't slow down long enough to be able to hear Him.  This past week, He led me to that blog about little Chrisssie to show me what I have.  To remind me how very grateful I should be!  You know that saying "you don't know what you have till it is gone" rang true to me once again.  I have been so caught up with all the details of doing this, going there or not going there, saying this, wanting to do that, upset b/c it was not perfect, wishing it wasn't this or that way...yadda yadda yadda.  This was going on too long and God hit my heart big-time so that I would perk up and start seeing what is right here in front of me.  Boom!  I cannot even begin to imagine what this mother is going through to see her 4 year old daughter that way.  And what Faith she has!  Awesome and amazing. 

What am I to possibly complain about? 

We have children with no major medical issues going on.  We have a roof over our head and I have a most wonderful loving and supportive husband who loves us so incredibly much.  We have not 1 or 2... but 6!  beautifully hand created God given children that were given as a gift to my  husband and I!  We have food and drink and there are no worries there. 

I also have a great gift.  This gift of a deep love for our Lord and a Catholic Faith that upholds me and grants me peace among this daily chaos.   I feel so incredibly spoiled with all this when I read a blog such as theirs...but I also know that God knows what we need and if we trust with an unfailing hope and love in His Will and providing for us, He will do it...according to His Will.  

I thank God for giving me this little wake up call and I ask you to also say a little prayer for Chrissie. 
Here is the link to their blog again.

The gift of time...May God bless you with reminding you how much you have too!  Go that extra mile for a loved one, hug a little longer, let those dishes sit and snuggle with your loved ones. 

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