Friday, April 9, 2010

Quick Takes-Easter Week Edition

Hi there.  Anyone there?  Remember me?  Ya know, your slacker of a blogger buddy?!?!

Just checking. (heeee heeee!)

We have been blessed with some amazingly beautiful weather and for all those days, we are so grateful.  We cut our school worksheets/workbook load in 1/2 and spent the remainder of those days outside enjoying the gift of those sunny and HOT days!!!

I mentioned in a previous post that we even filled up the baby swimming pool 1/2 way up!  The kids were thrilled and I was too since they had to get cooled off somehow- it was a steamer of a few days of a rare 90* weather here! 

With all the fresh air, that left me to little down time and little time indoors to check on my blog or FB or emails or whatever.  It was nice to sort of 'get away' from it all for a bit right after Easter.  It helped me to focus on The Resurrection rather than being caught up in needless chat or worries of the world that the internet can inflict on us without even knowing it. 

Soccer starts up this week and my oldest 3 will be playing.  2 on one team and 1 on the older team.  The good thing their games are on the same really big field.  I do enjoy watching them, just not so much running after my little ones! 

I am so not good at the decor of my house.  We don't have a country flair or a modern touch.  Nothing really.  Some housewives are gifted in this but I am not and I am not ashamed to admit it.  I'd rather my house be comfortable, somewhat organized and manageable and let others be comfortable too.  I don't worry about not having the best furniture (that will be scratched or stained in 5 minutes anyway!) or actually having all the furniture match nicely (not that mine clash but it would be nice to have a theme going on).  So, that is my next step and that is what I am up to lately.  I am going to try to tie in the colors of my couch and paint my walls(well, actually my hubby will be painting-he loves to paint!)  I am thrilled to get rid of the neutral almond color that every single room has.  I just need to pick out a color.  Sounds not tough, right?  But it soooo is, for me!  What should I do?  Duh! I called my mom.  See, my mom has that gene and it skipped right over me!  She is awesome and so helpful with this.  What a gift and talent she has!  I'll keep you posted on the color choice I pick, but I am leaning towards a warm mauve color for both my living room and dining room.  I think it will look great ;)  (I hope!)

It was a rainy day today and now I am back to this blog life and internet thing.  I could be doing 199 other things right now but nope, I am here.  See what this blog thing does every now and then!?!?  argh.  Good thing it is the weekend, I have a long to do list to get checked off!

Well, that's it. 
I'll leave it at that. 

Good Night, God bless you and Happy Easter!

God bless,

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