Saturday, April 24, 2010

Growing legs or wings?

My children and I have a funny joke that I say when they cannot find a certain item.  For example, if they lost a shoe I usually say "Well, it did not all of a sudden grow legs and leave our house, now did it?"   We both laugh and the point gets across to them.  They go off and keep looking for the lost item.  (And...St. Anthony is a good helper too!:))

Today, we were all outside all the while enjoying this beautiful 68* sunny weather, I noticed my 4 year old not wearing her shoes, just her socks. 

Again, I said "What happened to your shoes?  I got it!  They did not grow legs this time...they grew wings!  They flew up in the air, over the rainbow and into a cloud!  Do you think that is what happened?"

 She laughed.  I laughed.  My 7 year old daughter laughed too then added:

"Mom, that is not real."

I replied "Of course not, honey."

"Yeah, I mean...there is no rainbow today!" She says back to me.

Yup!  You're right, no rainbow, but not quite the real reason I was looking for!!! haaa haaa! LOL :)

God bless,

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