Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't throw out those old socks!

If you are in the predictability as me then you may have tried this and still those chairs are making some nasty scratches on your hard wood floor, you can try what we did this morning.

I call it "Sock Makeover" and  "The Great Sock Mission".

You see, I took all our unmatched socks-those little baby or toddler size ones -and put them on the bottom of our dining room chairs, secured them with this good ol' stuff (that can be used for just about anything!).
On a slight tangent...My grandfather used to believe that duct tape fixed everything and anything that needed fixing.  Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? (very cute movie, BTW, my hubby and I enjoy it a lot and laught a lot too--much needed humor is a good dose of medicine!)  If you have seen it, how can you not remember the super hilarious part of the windex? haaa haaa LOL!  Anyway, I can only relate my own grandfather with the duct tape to the father in the movie with the windex idea-that it fixes everything!

Anyway, they are working!  Of course not the best looking chairs but what we need is functionality in this house!  I am so glad that my idea is working...for now, anyway.

Happy duct taping!  What crazy things have you used duct tape for??! I'd love to know and find out some new ideas :)

God bless,

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Ryan said...

Like the new look.