Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Miracle!!!

Ever have a moment (s!) like this?

I finally convinced my children that they should go outside.  After all, it is registering 47* outside!  They have been cooped up way too long and the sun is finally shining, melting the bit of snow we have.  Lots of mud, but lots of sun-that sure outweighs the mud!  It was a work on motivating them to actually go outside.  I think they have been inside for so long that they got used to it a bit.  My kids are outside kids-they love the outdoors, so this was a bit surprising that I had to kindly push them out the door. 

So, they are outside.  The house is quiet.  Very quiet.  What to do, what to do,what shall I do?  I sip my cup of my daily afternoon caffiene perk (reheated, of course) and walk around, trying to decide what takes precedence.  We do have a few days of laundry just sitting there.  Argh.  But there is nothing I can do about that one.  The piece that was broken is (hopefully!) in the mail and en route.  It better get here fast!  I gasp to see a tablecloth rolled up in the corner of hte dining room from a few days ago. Why I have not noticed it sooner is beyond me.  I know what's inside.  Lots of a dinner we once had a few nights ago.  I gather it up to shake it off outside.  That very outside that my children are enjoying in shortsleeve shirts and one even sad to say, barefoot. 

I watch them from the door as they giggle with enjoyment.  One dressed as a Little House on the Praire girl, one dressed as a Mommy holding a baby and baby bag, one without shoes (!), and boys throwing sticks to see who can throw farther (everything seems to be a competition around here!). 

Anyway, I stood there with the big decision on if I should shake it off now or later. 

My thoughts:  Will they see me?  Will I distract them? 

I seize the opportunity to just shake the stinkin' tablecloth and go on with my day.

Next thing I now:

"Hi MOM!"
"Whatcha doin' Momma?"
"Mom, see this stick?  Watch this!"
"MOM!  I'm coming over to you!"

Why do I even think I could do such a thing without being noticed?

The 4 and 3 yr olds come running over to me and they are headed for the mudpit.  Oh my!  I start to say that I am only shaking a tablecloth, that's it.  No biggie here.  Nothing miraculous.

But to them, it is.
A Momma home.
A Momma being just that, a Mom.

I guess it is a miracle afterall.

God bless,

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