Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letter O Week

"O, what a wonderful day!"
Ois for Ox
O is for St. Odilia
 O is for Oranges
  • Eating...oranges!
  • Watching how orange juice is made from HERE.
O is for Oceans and Otters
  • Read the many various books that we have on hand about oceans, pointing out the otters in the pictures
  • Watch Reading Rainbow, Ocean Life (found a copy at the dollar store!)
O is for Obedience
(this is one we are constantly working on!!!)
  • Read Letter O from the book An Angels' Alphabet - it was first published back in the 1940's and it is truely lovely!  I found it at a friends' house that they were in the process of selling and they had a box full of *free* stuff and that is where I found it!  What a find, huh? :)
  • Reading stories about OBEDIENCE from ABeka's book, Down by the Sea, reading program book. 
  • Also from the book The Book of Virtues.
  • Also from various books on our bookshelves 
  • Color the picture about Obedience and talk about it from this BLOG LINK. Aren't they awesome? 
Today, we are baking some...
Oatmeal cookies, of course!

I'm trying to make these posts of our Letter of the Week a bit more informative since others have asked me about my letter weeks.  Hope these ideas help out and Happy Feast day of St.  Katharine Drexel!

Now it is time for me to get off this computer! :)
God bless,

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