Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a deal!

A few months ago, our double jogging stroller broke.  We were not too worried since the winter months began and we knew it would be a while till my main man was out running again.  Then the poor guy hurt his knee and just started up running again a few weeks ago, after a long knee injury.  Long story short...he was training for the marathon and up to running 22 miles (AHH! I know, right?!?!) Anyway, he hurt his knee then began running then hurt his other knee-he really had to take some time off.  Without complaining too much, he took that time off.  This was quite hard for him since he really enjoys running. 

Now he is back into it and we have been looking for a stroller for the right price, used or not long as it worked and the price is right.

Well, was the price right!

I just found one that someone posted on Craigslist for a free-that's!  I took my chances not knowing if it worked but they said it was in good condition and runs but just needs some cleaning.  I packed the kids up in the big Momma truck and picked it up a few towns away.

Check this baby out!
Here is what it looks like:

Now just imagine a few dirt marks on it but that's it! 
Isn't she pretty!?!?!  Our last one did not have a swivel front tire, nor the 5 point harness, nor the bar in the front!  We are so thankful to God for, once again, providing for us.  This makes my hubby happy so now he can push the little ones (3 and 1 yr old boys) as he runs and gives the Momma a *littlle break* for a little bit!  Thank You God!

God bless, 

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