Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toy Review Tuesday

well, sorta kinda...

Here is what I think is a super invention...

Pros:  My sister-in-law gave it to us for Christmas and it has been so helpful in keeping our younger childrens' puzzles together and not loosing the pieces. (Well, some of them are lost but not all and that is awesome!).  I've always admired the one at the library and wondered if they sold them to anyone, not just the libraries.  What a suprise to get this as a present-just what I wanted and what we needed!  It's easy to transport to the table and let them pick out the one puzzle to work on.  Then off the puzzle organizer goes up far from little hands to get a hold of it. 

Cons:  Only holds certain kinds of puzzles-it has to be the exact width and thickness to fit in nicely to the organizer. There are some of our puzzles that are too thick and/or too small or big for the organizer holder thingy and they sit next to it.  I think there are different size puzzle organizers and even cool wooden ones that I really dig, but I found those to be too expensive unless we get them for Christmas too!!! (hint, hint! heee heee).  The one on amazon.com I just googled came up for the price of a little bit over $10!  I think that is a great price!

God bless and happy puzzling!

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