Monday, March 8, 2010

The likes of dogs

We have a lovely older lady neighbor that lives across the street.  We always wave hello and stop for a little chit-chat every now and then.  When she is out raking leaves or shoveling snow or anything outside, my 2 older boys (6 and 9) are quick to ask if they can go over to help. 

This afternoon, she was hanging eggs out on her tree and just as last year, the boys asked (ok, begged) to go over and help since they helped last year too.  She even offered before I could ask her. 

The boys ran over and this time, for the 1st time ever, my 4 yr old daughter went too!  This is huge b/c our lady neighbor has a dog-a very old but friendly and old and slow moving dog.  Since my girls and one boy are quite petrified to go over, this was a shock to hear!  But it was beautiful, nonetheless.  Maybe she is over her fear sicne she has been over there for 20 minutes already~!

My older daughter is sitting by the windows in a complete stare.

"Oh Mom, the dog is pooping. The boys better watch out for that poop!" she says.

I glance out the window too and I do not see the dog pooping!

"Mom, the dog is still pooping!"

"WHy do you say that the dog is pooping?" I ask.

"Because the dog has been sitting there for a really long time, that's why."

Little does she know that the dog was not pooping but just pooped!  The poor thing is so old -13 yrs!

haaa! :)  Isn't that too funny!!!
God bless,

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