Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter Q Week

Letter Qq was a hard week for us.  We had a difficult time finding lots of different  things to study that began w/Q but...what we did find and learn about was f-u-n! :)

Qq is for Queen of Saints, Queen of families, Queen of Heaven and earth
Read about Mary our Queen from various books we have stocked up in our bookcases. 

Qq is for Quetzels
How fun is was to learn about these fascinating birds!  Found out about them from THIS National Geographic link.  Colored a picture of a quetzel too-such a pretty bird!

Q is for Quilts
I read a few books on quilts to the children and really wanted to make one out of construction paper but just did not get around to doing it.  Maybe next year for Q week!

Q is for Quesadillas
Once again, wanted to make these for dinner one night ...but forgot!!!

Q is for Quantity
At snack time this past week,when it was so very beautiful out, we had some friends visit.  I set up a variety of different quantities of different snack items.  The kids loved it!  They ate it all up too. I am beginning to think it's all about the presentation of foods that will make our kids more interested in eating the items rather than complaining about what they are made to eat! haa!  I had cut up carrots, ritz crackers, grapes, cantaloupe, blackberries and cheese.  I wish I took a picture of the platter.  It was fun to create and we're definetly going to do it again and soon!

God bless,

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