Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letter R Week

Unlike last week with the letter Q, we had so much to choose from for this week, the letter R!!! We had a hard time concentrating on certain things, it seemed everywhere we turned, there was something more to learn about that started with the letter R.  I love how into it my children are at this-they see it as a game...."Mom, look this begins with rrrrrrr!!!"

Letter Rr
  • Practiced writing Rr on writing paper
  • Used clay for letter capital 'R' and lower case 'r' formation
  • Hidden Letter Rr worksheet

Rr is for St. Rose of Lima
Read about St. Rose from St. Joseph Beginner's Book of Saints and An Alphabet of Catholic Saints

Listened about St. Rose of Lima from Catholic World Missions' Glory Stories

Colored St. Rose of Lima-this coloring page---scroll all the way to the bottom-she is the last one there!  This is a terrific site that I just happened to come upon-we love the fun activities and coloring pages are great.

Colored or painted THIS picture of roses!

Rr is for Rainbows

Handprint Rainbow craft-is one of my favorite activities to do with my children.  I remember doing it when my oldest,who is 9 now, was only about 3!  It's a good one to do with the littles and to keep on hand (hee hee) to see how much they have grown over the years.

Making Rainbow Arc's---Remover the wrappers from crayons and use the width of the crayons to make thick rainbows-my kids love this, esp. since I allow them to unwrap the wrappers!!! OR tape the 6 crayon sticks together  (remember ROYGBIV???) and in one single stroke they make a rainbow-fun!  We also painted rainbows.

Watching The Reading Rainbow videos- I have a few different ones so it's their choice.

Rr is for Raccoons and Rabbits

This is a fun online puzzle of raccoons that my kids enjoyed.

This is a cute raccoon coloring page that they did too.

Watching THIS video link about Raccoons.

R is for Rosary
this is a constant work in progress around here.  The last 2 Saturday family movie nights, we began our night with the entire Rosary FIRST then watched the movie together.  It is quite interesting but we are persevering, as we are called to do.  In the past, we have said a decade of the Rosary right after dinner, that way the children are already sitting, maybe not so still, but nonetheless, they were sitting-that seemed to work for a while too.  I have found also that there are some great cartoon Rosary from EWTN that we have seen every now and then.  I do not know the name of it, do any of you?  I think my children would love to use that as a focus on saying the Rosary too. Please let me know, if you know that show or what it is called or where to get it -Thanks!  The overall key for us and our family, is to be flexible-always.  My children need variety to keep them interested!

Rr is for Rivers

We read the book A River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry and Wildlife of Rivers and Lakes and also The River Bank (from the Wind and the Willows little book set).

Rr is for Reptiles

We read through Snakes and other Reptiles adn the Usborne book Reptile World

Rr is for Respect

The Golden Rule: "Treat others the way you want to be treated."
Be courteous and polite.
Listen to what others have to say.
Don't insult others-making fun of them, laughing at them, teasing them or call them names.
Don't bully others or pick on others.

Rr is for lots and lots of READING!!!

Happy R WEEK!

God bless,

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