Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homeschooling Top Picks and Tips #2

If you have not heard of these before or have not read any of my posts mentioning these...get ready-you don't want to miss these.  More will come in the next few days too.

This post is continued from THIS POST.

The next 3 items are a must have to have on hand for learning how to sit still, car rides/trips, quiet time with headphones, if the kids are sick, or just about anytime!  Even my youngest ones (3 and 4) love to sit with their headphones on listening-it keeps them quiet for an extended amount of time in the next room while I work with the older ones teaching them a concept or 2!

4.  Glory Stories---there are so many to choose from:  St. Therese, St. Juan Diego, St. Martin, Mother Teresa, St. Joseph, St. Faustina and so many more.  There are even coloring books to go along with them.  Some of them are a bit dramatic and sound so real-some of my kids are not ready to hear them yet.  They are perfect for my older ones!

5.  Cat Chat---these my children all love on long van rides-the songs are awesome!  I sing along with them too!  It's quite a sight, let me tell you...!!! :)

6.  Adventures in Odyssey---some of these are more appropriate for the older kids and some are just fine for all the kids!  You can listen online too-my kids love to color while they listen to them.

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