Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stations of the Cross- kids and family stuff

Look what I came upon!  Pages of the Stations of the Cross for kids to color or hang up (as we will). 


I am thrilled.  I have wanted to get ones that were big enough to hang up on our walls around our house so that we could do an actual walking around stations of the cross as a family at home.  I will be hanging these up in our long hallway and wherever I can find room (but you can color them too!).  It may turn out to be a little bit of a hunt to find the next station as we travel together, but what fun!  I bet my kids will love it.  Well, I hope they do!  They'll learn their roman numerals too-a whole bag full of learning!

I also printed THESE up and will be cutting them up into little booklets for little hands to follow along as we walk, as a family, through the stations of the cross.  I am so pleased!  Of course I wanted to do these Stations in the beginning of Lent (rrrr!), but better late than never, right>?!?! oh well.  We'll have our big crucifix that  my older sons will fight over have to take turns using and learn to be patient.  Then after we complete a station, each child will get to place a sticker on that station sign as we (*look around hastily for the next station somewhere in my house and while we look and walk and not run around, we hope not to loose any child in some other room, b/c the whole point is to do this as a family, right?  I mean, it can't be that hard to do.  So what that only one of my children knows how to read totally by himself.  And the kids may scream and get bored and impatient and frustrated as we trudge from room to room to just find the next station*) head on over to the next station. are your stations of the cross going this Lent?

BTW, check out these Stations of the Cross put out by EWTN-now, that seems the type I'll be praying by myself.

God bless,

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