Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Takes for Sundays

1. So, how about that? We made it! It is finally the last day of February and we cruised along the month doing just fine. Praise God that tomorrow is March 1st. Only 2 more weeks till we turn the clocks AHEAD one hour! Yeah!

2. It seems that the hot topic lately is us, stay at home moms, are feeling that we are being a tad bit overlooked. We have taken notice that those "pat on the backs" and words of affirmation are far and wide between. This is not new to us. We even get used to it after a while. But there are times and moments that it seems to creep up on us, esp. during these dark and dreary months. I have had several conversations about this in the past week, that leads me to have a hopeful frame of mind that... Spring is right around the corner! These dark winter months are tough on lots of people. Feeling overwhelmed, feeling behind on school work, feeling inadequate in being able to make it through yet another week! I am so thankful about how honest other moms have been about telling me how they are feeling. (Thank you friends!) We can easily forget to be a support for one another in these times. I do think we are all ready for the sun, the warmth, and the outside play times!

3. We watched 1/2 of the movie called "An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving" and we just finished the other half now. It is based on the short story by Louisa May Alcott, the famous author of Little Women. All my children enjoy that one too. Of course my girls are loving this movie (my 4 and 7 yr old girls!) and my boys are tolerating it very well. They are such good sports! It was a family movie night last night full of cushions off the couches, sleeping bags, ice cream pops and memories. (Whoops!-we forgot the popcorn again!) These Saturday nights are our favorite nights to spend together!

4. I am a bit behind on getting the lessons planned out for this week. I do know that there will be some tests for my older students and trying to wrap up yet another quarter in the school year. For my younger ones, we will be focusing on the letter O this week. Any ideas to share?

5. A terrible thing happened yesterday morning while I was out shopping and going to confession. The door on our washing machine was closed a bit too roughly and it is now not closing and locking properly, therefore not working at all! I am sure you can only imagine how uncomfortable I am about this situation and how I may become a bit frantic if the workers, who we will call early Monday morning, cannot get here as fast as they can.

6. That's it for now. Time for a quick cat nap then family game time!

Happy Sunday and God bless you,

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