Thursday, February 18, 2010

You're so cruel!

Lent is hard work.
Especially hard work.
Especially on day #2.
****Especially for a certain 6 year old little boy in my family, saying this under his breath as he is persevering through Phonics this morning:

"Man, I really did not mean to actually give up bubble gum for Lent."

"I mean, not the whole Lent."

"I really wish I did not give up bubble gum."

"This stinks. This just really really stinks."

****Then a certain sly 7 year old sister says to ME, loudly and sternly, "Mom, can I have some bubble gum during school work?"

You should have seen the face on a certain 6 year old.!
The nerve of her! Arrrr!

Siblings can be soooooooo cruel!

To let you know, I did NOT cave in and give anyone any bubble gum today. I didn't have the heart to make my son's Lent- giving -up any worse than it had to be!

There's always tomorrow....

God bless,


Maurisa said...

Ahhh, that's tough! At least he sacrificed something that really meant a lot to him.

Sam said...

THAT'S EXACTLY WHY we all give up all sweets. SO I don't have one give up candy, another icecream ,and another cookies...we just give it all up and sunday we go to bed with a sugar stomach ache!!!