Monday, February 1, 2010

Mint-y Breath

One of the things that I have been using to keep the kids more focused and more into their school work is gum. Yup, gum. Amazing how the little piece of chewy gum keeps them going and going. There is bound to be some article or study on it but I don't have the time to go look for it right now.

(FYI-I only give it a few times a week and it only lasts a short while till they complain it is too hard to chew. Oh, and I am proud to say that they really only know of mint tasting gum, none of that strawberry -kiwi -pina -colada- strawberry- daquiri -kind! haaaa haaaaa)

This morning my 7 yr old says to me that she is glad she did not brush her teeth this morning.

Watching that I do not freak out at this comment, I say "Oh really, honey? Why would you say such a thing as that?" (with my nice, calm and in-control smiling face ;))

To which she responds "Well, chewing this mint gum is just like brushing our teeth with the mint toothpaste. Right, Momma?"

Okay, I get it.
I just hope she has not been using this technique for too long.
Either way, I have some serious work to do on this topic and the importance of good habits!

I got it. Off to go do it, now. It is 1:45pm but at least she will have clean teeth now! ;)

God bless,


Anonymous said...

There are studies that show that mint is good for the brain.. One year I had "my kids" chew it during the state testing.. It motivated them..

Mary said...

Yahoo! I'm on the right track! I KNEW there was something good about mint+gum! ;) Thanks- GOd bless, Mar