Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday I-Man!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my I-Man!!!
I love you, big bear! My Big Boy!
You are my teddy bear,
always ready and willing to hug and squeeze and hug some more.
You are such a joy from the day you were born.
You have helped others to realize the power of Love by just being you!
Others are smitten by your look of love, your smile, your sweetness.
You love to be where the action is, where the others gather.
You are rarely ever every by yourself!
You know your numbers and your ABC's b/c of hanging around your big sisters and brothers always.
You are a fast runner and can't wait to run the Labor Day race with your siblings.
Quite frequently, I can find you sitting quietly and looking through books, as as you say "reading books"...of course a sibling is in close proximity!
You are always willing to be the little buddy to do errands with-and you behave so nicely too! (which of course, makes others even more smitten!)
We thank God that He chose you to be in our family-
what would we do without you?!?!
We love you!

Did I say how much I love little kids' birthdays?
(Before the age is older and the hype of the super expensive gifts!).
  • I love how giggly they get.
  • How pleased they are by just saying "Happy Birthday!"to them.
  • The way they hold up their pudgy fingers to show you how old they are now.
  • How entertained they are by 4 jars of NEW play dough (thank you A-M-M!-we love you!).
  • When asked what they want to eat for their birthday lunch, they ask for peanut butter and jelly! So easy!!! Yeah!
Happy Birthday to my I-Man-I love you!-Love, Mommy
God bless,

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Maurisa said...

I love three! Happy birthday to your little guy!