Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toy Review Tuesday

It's...Toy Review Tuesday!
Felt Boards!


  • Quiet game to play solo or w/others
  • Portable-in car/van long trips is great! Some even come w/a handle for little ones to carry along
  • can make your own felt pieces or use the ones they provide
  • low cost and last a long time
  • not that messy


  • pieces can get lost
  • does not entertain for a very long time (at least w/mine!)
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God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios


Jess said...

Those are almost as fun as colorforms! Plus, like you said, you can replace the lost pieces by making your own.

We used to use felt to make landscaping when we played with playmobil. We'd cut grass, roads, water, flowers, etc., out of different colors and lay it out like a map, and then set up the buildings on top of it all.

Mary said...

Jess, Hi! What a terrific idea! Thanks-God bless,Mary @ Cheerios