Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours!
We wish you the joy of Jesus' deep love today...reminding us how deep His love is for each of us, how much He did for us, and continues to do for us every day. May we grow closer to the One who loves us so much!

This morning I told my family that I hope I can get to see my first Valentine today. They all looked at me with curiosity. I told them, no it was not Daddy. "What?!?!?!" They all responded. I told them it was Jesus who I am talking about! I hope to get to Mass later this morning and even adoration, I HOPE! They were a bit confused and so I gave them the example that just as we draw a heart and then color it in, it is Jesus who drew the heart and Daddy and I fill it in with our love! (Not sure where that came from-but they loved that idea! Thanks Holy Spirit!)

Happy Valentine's Day to my love, my sweetheart, my best friend-
life is just better b/c you are in it!
I thank God that He spoiled me and gave you to lil' ol' me.
Can you believe God gave us 6 beautiful children!?!? WOW!
In every hardship and every joy that we have encountered and will encounter...
I thank God that you are right beside me loving this journey we are on.
May we get to our final destination, Heaven, together!
I Love YOU so very much!

Aren't those the cutest Valentine's pics my kids colored? I love them!
Happy LOVE LOVE day!
God bless,

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