Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grateful for the Ordinary Miracles

I was listening to the song, Ordinary Miracle by Sarah MacLachlan. Have you heard it before? It's one of those songs that tugs at your heart. Sometimes just a little and a tear falls, but sometimes a whole lot and you better get a box of tissues. Do you know what I mean? That little tear just fell a few minutes ago because I was thinking about the prior post I wrote yesterday morning. I hope it did not come off as complaining. I fear that it did and for that I am sorry. Life is life. Life can be super busy and complicated at times that we loose sight of all that we have been given. What we need to be thankful to God for.

It was precisely this song that reminded me of all those mornings that I mentioned about in that post yesterday that I am, indeed, grateful for.

I thank You, God, for my husband, my children, my family.

Thank You for those messes b/c one day there won't be any to keep me busy cleaning up. Thank You for the loudness b/c all too soon it will be too quiet. Thank You for all of it b/c one day there will be no more. Thank You for today. Thank you for the time with my children.

I am extremely thankful to You for my wonderful, loving, nurturing, thoughtful and giving husband. What a mess I would be in without him and his desire to place his family before his own needs and wants. What an incredible man. What a life I am grateful for. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You dear Lord.

Thank You, dear Lord, for these daily ordinary miracles You place in my life. May You keep reminding me of them everyday.

God bless,

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