Friday, February 19, 2010

How DO you DO IT???

Showered? Check.
Prayed? Check.
All ate breakfast? Check.
Brushed teeth? least for me and a few, so far!

"C'mon all, we have to do this and that and this and that before the piano teacher comes!"

I pick up all the duplo blocks scattered on my living room floor...
just to hear all the pots and pans being played with. I think this is a good idea to keep my little ones busy so I can finish cleaning up those duplo blocks...
We finish that and upon entering into my kitchen, I find ALL my pots and pans laying on the floor and my little one in the cabinet...
smells a bit stinky now, so off to change a little one...
hear some crying and then laughing...
go see and find small Lego's all over the den/playroom floor...

"Do I have to wear a dress today, Momma?"

"Don't forget to brush your teeth!"

"Please put on new, clean socks!"

"Stop that fighting right now. If you don't have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all."

"Are those clean or dirty? Put those dirty clothes in the laundry basket."

"Come little ones, let's pray..."

"What are all these crumbs on the kitchen floor?"-oh, the toaster was played with, of course!

"Someone please bring me the vacuum?"

"Wipe your mouth-there's still jelly around your lips from breakfast this morning."

"No, breakfast is over. All done, kitchen is closed. Wait for snack time."

"I need some laundry help around here. Any takers?"

"Why are you crying? Can't you play nicely together?"

Sometimes when I read over what my morning was like in a short hour time frame...or less.... (see above!) ...Even I wonder...HOW DO I DO IT?! (The answer is highlighted above, folks..that's how.)

God bless,

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