Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday's Why?!?!

It's one of those days when every single pencil just does not sharpen. No matter what. What is up with this?!!? They were new pencils and I sharpened them, then the lead breaks off, sharpen again, lead breaks, sharpen get my point (or not! haaa haaa).

So, what kind of pencil do you recommend? Ya know, a pencil that actually sharpens? Ugh.

God bless,



Maurisa said...

I swear they do not make pencils like they did when we were kids. We've had that problem all year. We've turned to mechanical pencils. Now I just need to make sure I keep enough lead on hand.

Mary said...

Hi! I WISH my kids would use them without breaking the tips off b/c they push too hard on the pencils! Oh well. I'll keep looking :) Happy snow again for you guys and us, this time,too! yay! (sorta!) God bless, Mary

Jess said...

What about those pencils that have a bunch of little plastic points with the graphite in them all stacked up in the body of the pencil? When the top one is dull, you just pop it off and push it into the bottom of the pencil to move the next sharp point up.

Here is a set on Amazon, if you like fruity smelling office supplies. The downsides are small parts and no erasers, but that is offset by not having to sharpen them all the time.

the Mom said...

The mechanical kind of pencil. That's what I recommend. We buy them by the case from Sam's Club. We're not saving the environment, but we are saving my sanity.