Sunday, February 21, 2010

Too Popular

My oldest is an avid altar server at our parish every Sunday at the 8:30am Mass. We don't push it on him, he freely wants to do it every single Sunday morning. He started to serve back in the late Spring/early Sunday. As you can imagine, people now notice him as the young little altar boy who carries the heavy cross. (So fitting I think...that's another post). Not to get too proud, I take the comments that other moms and grandparents say of my young man. He dresses nicely with a shirt and tie every Sunday. Why? B/c his Daddy does and "that's just what good Sunday clothes look like. Why wouldn't you wear your best to Church?" (as he says). I sure wish more thought like that!!! You'll find him running into the Church at 8:29am just to make sure he can serve. Very adorable. Very sweet. Pretty amazing. He, pretty much, wow's me.

On the short way home today, he tells me that:

"Everyone knows my name. I mean, they say excuse me and hello and good morning and they actually say my name too. A lot of people know me, Mom. But....there's one problem. I don't want to be that popular, ya know."

Once again, I am in awe. My sweet baby sure is turning into a humble young man.

God bless, Mary

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