Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quick Takes

My mind is full of random thoughts and possible postings so instead of picking just one and elaborating on are some of my Quick Takes for the weekend:

1. We are splitting up the family to take the older kids to Mass this weekend. Yes, we hit that point that the positives outweigh the negatives of going to Mass as a family. Our patience and nerves are shot. Not to mention the poor people sitting near us week after week. What a show we provide for them! At least they are entertained. I think. Anyway, we'll re-evaluate next weekend in hopes it could be better. We'll see.

2. I took the girls to Mass yesterday, Saturday vigil. Haven't done that in quite a while. It showed when the lady in front of us turned around at the concluding song, told me she has not seen me here before and told me quite loudly that I have a very very nice voice (eeeeeek!!!) and handed me a business card (I was is such shock that I dropped it which of course made everyone notice even more!!!). Apparently she is involved in some chorus and wants me to join! My grin was enormous hearing this (and I bet others that were around us were giggling too. For the record, I do not think that I have that great of a voice! haaa haaa!!!)

3. My sweet baby is into climbing. Ay yi yi. Chairs. Couches. Stools. I wonder how I am keeping one step ahead of that lil monkey.

4. My hubby just (sorta) bundled up the 3 boys (minus baby and girls) and took them bike riding. I emphasize sorta. Nice huh? I think so ...sorta. It is sunny out... but it is only registering 27* right now. Something tells me they'll be back very soon and I better make some hot cocoa.

5. It is so very cold out. So cold that 8 minutes is the top limit for my kids, esp. my boys. Did I mention I have 4 of them boys? This is such not a good combo. Lord, help me.

6. I am already 1/2 way done w/dinner tonight! Yay for me! I put a pot roast w/ a can of cranberries in the crock pot early this morning. It smells delicious and I am going to peel some potatoes and carrots in a few minutes. Easy and warm winter dinners are the best!

7. My hubby and I watched a movie we got from Netflix last night called Flywheel. (The same guys who put out Facing the Giants and Fireproof- 2 GREAT movies too!). Wow! It was a great movie that we both enjoyed. I love how the noted before the movie even started that it was on a $20,000 budget and they still created it! So impressive. Good to know that beforehand b/c it did not have any special features and some lighting was off and immature acting at times. BUT it was Christian based and solid in honoring God in its production. Worth the watch (as with the other 2 noted above). As my hubby and I both agree, it did not make you feel guilty after watching it. Enough said.

8. Last quick take...We also watched as a family, the movie BOLT. It was oooooo-kay, I guess. We had to fast forward through some points b/c of some evil dudes. Enough to make 2 of my kids up b/c having bad dreams-argh. Those Disney movies do it all the time! There always has to be some evil side to each of them. I miss the good ol' wholesome movies.

Do you recommend any for the children, besides some I know of already? Please share if you do, maybe I can compile a list to share w/everyone. That would be great! There were some really funny parts to it that my hubby and I were cracking up to and the kids were looking at us as if "What is going on? Did I miss something?" Which made it even more funny!

Gotta go now!
God bless and Happy Sunday.

It will be a looooooooooong February, so get ready.

God bless,


Nicole said...

The Bee Movie is cute!

Mary said...

Hi Nicole! I have never seen that one-I'll have to check it out. Thanks!!! GOd bless, Mary

MamaMidwife said...

Hi Mary!

I just found you through sardonic catholic dad. You've got a great real-life mom blog! 3 year old girl really likes "Barbie Fairytopia". I know, I know. It's a little on the "if I have to watch this one more time I'm gonna puke" side. But - Barbie always makes the "moral" decision, even when it would be easier to quit. And the scary bad guys aren't bad-dream-making scary (cause it's Barbie, for Pete's sake).

Oh, and Cinderelly (Cinderella). The step-mom is a little scary, but not too much. We love the mice. She asks me to "sing Cinderelly Mama, sing" and I sing her the mice songs.