Monday, January 4, 2010

No such diet here.

A Birthday boy's Menu (from Saturday):

  • Breakfast: Blue milk and blue chocolate chip pancakes
  • Lunch: Hot dogs and french fries
  • snack: a teddy bear (affectionately called 'baby bear') cake and ice cream
  • Dinner: Pizza
  • dessert: brownies

It kinda makes me sick just looking at that food list-haaaa haaaa! but it sure made my Birthday Boy's Birthday the Best! And I'd do it all over just to see his non-stop smiles all day! :)

His birthday ended up having a theme to it, although I did not plan it that way-funny how things turn out. He had a knights and swords & a Star Wars and swords type of birthday. He is a one of a kind kid and loves to dress up and act-he got 2 dress up outfits: one was a King Arthur outfit (I got it at a tag sale for ...get this...only a dollar! and it does not even look worn!:)) and he also got a GI Joe/army outfit. I don't think he ever took these outfits off for 2 days straight, except for Mass!

Now, back to school (ugh...)-we have been having so much fun around here! AND good news is that we are totally back to being healthy. That was a looooong almost 3 weeks, and I hope we are in the clear for a while.

Bad news is that my camera dropped on Christmas day and now it will not take pictures, and I am in hopes to see if I can retrieve them so I can make a post all about our Christmas...God willing.

Until then, Happy New Year to you!
God bless,

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