Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthday pics and traditions

(First off, just want to say sorry for the pics not being right side up- my computer is being quite fussy right now.)

Here is my birthday knight in shining armor. I told you it was so cool!

We have a few traditions that have enveloped over time in our family. This one is the birthday card from Mom tradition. I make a simple card and in it I start off by saying "Oh how I love you...let me count the ways..." and I make a list of how ever many years they are turning of the things they have accomplished or have stood out in my mind in that year. This is usually done the eve of the birthday when all the other family members are asleep, so that I can think! ;)

See these streamers? We also have a tradition that Momma stays up late decorating the dining room for the birthday child. Oh, and also his or her designated and honorary birthday chair. Funny the other day, my 7 year old daughter is convinced that Moms do all the decorating and that Dad's just don't do those things. Smart cookie!

Here is the bday cake for my *now* 6 year old son, "Baby Bear" cake. He loved it! and I truly enjoyed making it for him. We have a tradition that the soon to be birthday child gets to pick out the kind of cake I can make for them. I have a book from the early 1970's that my dear mother in law gave to me. It has to be the easiest recipes to make these cakes b/c my time and energy are limited! haaa haaa. So, do you notice the 4 and 2 on top? We keep those number candles b/c we go through them so quickly. Wouldn't you know it, but the #6 candle and its' wick had seen better days, and I had no little single candles so he had to do some math equation to get his birthday number! What a homeschool Momma I am, right?!?! haaa! :)
Would you like to share any traditions
you have in your family with birthdays?
psssssst...Now the kids are asleep. At least 4 of them- the 'older' boys are at a basketball game with Daddy and soon to be home. I have to get some sleep myself now. Good-night and God bless!
God bless,

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Party of Eight said...

Hi Mary! Looks like we have 2 six year olds that have birthdays very near to each other! Your party celebration and cake turned out great! Sounds like you always make each birthday special :) Happy 2010!