Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Evening at the Libray-mom edition

An hour and a half and 3 bags of books later, I am back from the library.

Have I mentioned how much I adore and love my wonderful husband lately?
(yeah, sickening I know! haaa haaa).


I needed to get out tonight by myself. Get some air. Some me-time. Alone. Have some quiet.

I mentioned it to my hubby, and he happily agreed for me to get out tonight. I had this sort of list going on in my head of what I could do at the library...read some magazines, find a new book to read, begin reading that new book I found, bring along my calender planner, do some correcting and lesson plans, suggest some books for the library to get, maybe just sit there and 'people watch' and enjoy the somewhat quiet tranquility.

*(Hey, is it only me, but the times that you can get out to the 'quiet' library alone that there is always some screaming toddler or loud talking child near by? Just wondering....!?! )

Anyway, the list goes on and on. So, right before I leave, I have this tremendously great idea to tell each of my kids in quiet (shh! this is a secret from Momma!) that I am going to the library and what are some books that I can get for them?

Wonderful idea...or so I thought.

I had my handy-dandy notebook and jotted them down as any good mother would. With a big smile each child goes back to playing what they were playing with before I told them this secret from Momma.

Kiss my hubby then off I go. Sneaking out the front door so not to remind my kids that I really meant what I said and I was actually going by myself to the library. The secret was totally legit-Imagine that! heeee heeee! :)

Thinking if I get all their books first, then I can sit down and do what I want to do with this free time of mine. What was I thinking? I get so wrapped up in looking at all the books, deciding which is good but ...which would be better.

Before I knew it, the loudspeaker kicks in to say there is 15 minutes till closing and to bring all items to the counter for check out. So I do and as I pile them up on the counter, I hear the librarian snicker. I am not sure if it is because of all those books...or all those books in the last 10 minutes before closing?! What a good patron I am to this library, huh?

As I pile them into my bag and into my purse, I wonder when she will ask why I have all these books. I wonder...will she ask me how many kids I have? Will she ask me if I am a teacher? Will she ask me if one of my children are doing a report on knights and medieval times or ballerinas or ponies or the Presidents of the United States? Nothing. Just quiet as she checks the books out and hands them to me and I put in my purse and bag. I took the last bag available and asked if she had another one (those loud crinkly grocery bags!). Nope not there...wait, alas-there is one and another librarian comes over to help me pack up all my books.

I had to smile to myself. Especially when that second librarian says to me "So, how many kids do you have again?" (Obviously we have talked before and obviously she knew I have a lot of kids-funny I don't remember...!) They both did another snicker. What are up with those snickers? (yum...I could go for a snickers bar right now. Back to what I was rambling about...)

So much for a moms' evening out at the library. It does get me thinking though....I am not too sad that I did not get to do my stuff. I mean, isn't that what us Moms are all about...doing things for our kids? (not that I am one bit not into 'my time' 'girls dinner nights out' or shopping for me etc...ok?!) Mothers-doing things for our kids. It is not an 8 hour job-it is 24-7-even my night out at the library. Isn't that what Moms are all about-giving up our selfish motives for the sake of our kids? So once again, a night that supposedly 'mine' was not mine after all.

And that's okay.

Now my baby is crying so I have to get off this computer and cuddle that cutie pie. He is probably wondering where is his momma? He hasn't seen me in all of 2 hours. How about that?!?

God bless,

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