Thursday, January 7, 2010

Small Successes for this week

Small Successes over at Faith & Family LIVE. Click HERE to see more-they are so inspiring!

1. JUST got some of my kids to into their beds (it is 9pm)and did it without loosing my temper. Hopefully they'll be asleep soon-b/c I am about to be!!! LOL! My hubby is at a basketball game with my 9 and 6 year old boys and the boys club they belong to.

2. I did not complain to my hubby how tired I really am and how much I wished he did not go to the game tonight...instead, I held fast to my tongue and knew my 'older' boys needed this bonding time with their Daddy and their friends and their Daddies.

3. 2 nights this week, I was in no shape to make a dinner but came to me-thank You Holy Spirit! so, I made 2 dinners totally last minute-within the hour of eating dinner and my family liked both of them! Yay, it's a win-win situation :) The dinners were: tuna noodle casserole & Mexican beans and rice.

God bless,

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