Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What my boys did today pics

This pic strikes me so funny. This is a real classic in our family-a favorite doll along side the tool box... The girls' toys along the boys' toys...

Here are the pics below. I found this cool little kit (that came from Lowe's!) at a tag sale for a cheap $0.25! Can't beat that deal, right?!

This is also a favorite pic of mine-my boys with both of their hands trying to work together (working on their patience and charity!!! heee heee). It took a lot of perseverance and they succeeded!
I'm one proud momma.

If your home is like my home, and your dynamincs are like our family dynamics...then lots of things gather around our kitchen table. Usually when one family member is working on a project of any sort (or anything for that matter), others gather around wanting (or complaining!) and wanting to do it too. Then it is ultimately up to me to figure out something for the others to do...usually a board game, cards, playdough or coloring.
Despite how tiresome it is at times to keep on top of it and make sure everyone has something and/or someone to play with to keep the arguing down, I would not change a thing. The whole scene of chaotic but fun enjoyment is quite warming to my heart and actually pretty crazy funny.
You should see how messy it gets just because siblings want to be close to one another. (That may have to be my next picture post!)
I just may think there is nothing quite like it.
And I thank Almighty God for it. What a gift. I am so blessed.
God bless,

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