Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toy Review Tuesday

My 4 year old daughter got THIS for Christmas this year and it has been a hit for all my kids-but especially those that are learning their letters and following directions. It is portable and easy to bring in the car/van on long trips or just to the grocery store! It is also not too big and easy for them to carry around and hold onto. I am very pleased with this toy-worth the $20!

This year I have found that many of the "Leap Frog" products my kids have truly enjoyed and I find helpful in their learning. I wish we could get all these educational fun tools! Check out THEIR SITE for all the products. Below are some that we have and our kid tested-we approve.

  • We have rented lots of THESE from the local library. (shh! don't tell them they are actually learning while enjoying the shows!)
  • We got THIS 2 years ago and we have not lost all the pieces yet (some but not all!) and if we do not loose all the letters -if can be quite fun and educational too!
  • Last year at Christmas, my oldest received THIS (but in a boys' theme), and it was a total hit among all the kids(he had to share quite a bit!). It was even used as a reward b/c we do not have video games or lots of TV time. It was expensive but a gift from someone else, and it is worth the money....it was great....until...it landed in the toilet! Bye Bye leap frog Leapster-we miss you so!!!
  • A friend passed THIS leap frog to us and my kids somewhat enjoy it. It is something that I can pull out every now and then for them to work on quietly at the table while I am teaching the others.

Go HERE for more toy review products!

If you want to join in on the fun (b/c we all know how great it is to see reviews on toys so that we do not spend the money-that is so precious-and the time -that is also so precious- on things and toys that just collect dust.....right?????

Plus, I want to know what your reviews are too so leave me a comment if you are interested. There are always tons of b-days I have to make gift lists for and I need new ideas ;))

God bless,


Maurisa said...

Leapster products are awesome! Our youngest learned all his alphabet and most of the sounds with the Leap Frog ABC's magnet thing. We got him a Leapster2 for Christmas and that is working extremely well keeping him busy during school in the morning. We plugged it into the computer to see his progress and he scored very high--he's 3 and is at a 1st and 2nd grade level for certain skills! I know some of it is he's just super smart, but Leap Frog can take some of the credit too!

Mary said...

I agree- they are great! And it's always an awesome sign when you have to replace the batteries in these leap frog products b/c they use them so much (and not b/c they were left ON and not OFF~!;))
God bless, Mary