Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Monday ramblings

Hello there! Tis this Great feast day of St. Paul today!

Since my printer is broken, there goes my idea of printing up some coloring pages of St. Paul and some other worksheets to celebrate this great feast day.

We will, in fact, make a yummy cake to celebrate today and have a bit of a party too after naptime today! :) What else to do on this rainy day? Bring on the sweets!!!! haaa haaa

For History in school this week, we will be researching The Underground Railroad and following along THIS SITE.

For Science, we will also be using the Internet and researching volcanoes and finally have ours that we made a few weeks ago, actually erupt this week-my boys are so excited! I hope to get some pics of it and will post them later in the week so don't forget to check back then too.

We belong to the homeschool freebie of the day, which by the way, is an awesome resource! I have found plenty of ideas and have downloaded supplements for the present or future use for school. It is just wonderful and I highly recommend it. It is FREE!

Happy schooling. Happy January. Happy Monday. Happy Rain day!

God bless,

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Party of Eight said...

Hi Mary! Just wanted to share where I got the character building cards: they are from the Grade 1 Lesson plans from CHC:

My oldest 2 were in school when they learned to 3rd child (6) has pretty much taught herself to read!

God Bless You!