Thursday, October 8, 2009

You won't find this in Heaven

As I am cleaning up the kitchen, my oldest is doing his spelling assignment. As always, this youngster always finds time to think (that, which, I usually cannot seem to find any time to do!! Hee hee).
Anyway, here is what he says. Out of the blue (not uncommon with him ;)), he says:

“Mom, I guess there’s no "Star Wars" in Heaven. Ya know why? There’s some bad people in these movies and there is only good in Heaven. So…I guess we gotta watch all the "Star Wars" we can, now on earth!”

Not to disappoint this sweet boy and his correct way of thinking, I will be caving in to let him watch some more Star Wars today.
Just because.
Wouldn't you???

God bless,


the Mom said...

yes. I would.

Maurisa said...

Yep, I definitely would!

Doesn't it make you long for childhood again when these are some of the deepest thoughts? Very sweet.