Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 3- Letter C

Week 3- Letter 'C' Week
Wow! I am really quite behind on posting about our Along the Alphabet Path for school for my younger kidos-even my older ones like to join in at times. (This week we finished up Letter D.) Last week, we focused on the Letter C with Along the Alphabet Path. I have found out that I cannot do everything that I want to do with the children but here is what we actually did:

Hidden Letter C worksheet

Read a few books:

Ate some "C" food:

  • Cream Cheese and bagels
  • Carrots
Formed the Letter "C" with
  • Clay
  • sand paper letters
  • tracing
  • air writing
Saint Cecilia
We have also been using this great program called STUDY DOG- which is a bit pricey but so fun and educational at the same time.

Stay tuned for Letter D-Week 4- I hope to get it posted later in the weekend :)

God bless,

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