Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday (Mom's Toy Today)

Who said that "Toy Review Tuesday" had to be only kids' toys?! (Hope you don't mind, Sam!!!)
Here is my top toy lately:
I took this picture before it got so cold so now it is filled up with fall and winter coats and boots! It is absolutely perfect for us!
I got it from a lady who was selling her house/daycare and moving to NY. It was the deal of deals-she paid $320 including s/h and sold it to me for only $50! It is 5 years old and as sturdy as can be! I have been praying for us to get one-hoping to get it installed in our mud room/laundry room...but this is even better!
I kept asking God and asking Him to give us one and he sure did! Prayer is so powerful-never underestimate the power of prayer!
It is this Momma's favorite toy right now :)
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God bless,