Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wanna hear something funny?

Yeah, I know you do. And you can laugh at me all you want.
Mind you, I am battling some nasty case of allergeeez (as my 2 yr old says it) and I am in a fog.
So, here it is:

Tonight I went out shopping, as per my routine when I am stressed out and overwhelmed-completely different subject... but ANYWAY... I was out tonight and went to one of my favorite places to shop as of lately, the good ol' Goodwill Store. Man, they make these stores look real GOOD!!! heee heee. Really!

So...I walked in and went right over to the area of long skirts (what I have been trying to wear more of lately-and that is, uh...another completely different subject for a completely different post on a completely different day!!!). To my shock, I found 2 jean skirts and 2 black skirts. Surprised that the size 10 looks like it will fit me-yay for me! I pick it up in my arms and glance over the size 16 which I know will fit me...yay for me, well, not really. Whatever. Anyway, before I know it, the time is 8:50 and the store closes in 10 mins. I quickly found a "Connect 4" game for only $1.99 and a game that was still in it's original wrapping for a bday party gift coming up! That was 2 great finds!

I gather my items and check out thinking to myself "Wow, that was a bit more than I hoped to spend."

As I looked at my receipt, I realized that I never did try on those skirts! Ha ha!!! I find that very funny! What a total fog I am in! But get this, once home, I tried on those 2 skirts and to my surprise and delight, they BOTH fit!!!
What a winner this night was ;)

Good night and God bless,

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