Friday, June 19, 2009

Persistence & Small Sucesses for the week

I have a son who just loves to talk. Really loves to talk. Really. About anything. Do you have one of these types of personalities in your family? Okay, enough said.

So, when he wanted to tell me something this morning, he would not let up on getting my attention. I was in the bathroom changing a diaper (oooh-nothing new here!), he was in the adjacent room unable to move so he called my name. Repeatedly. Many times. So many times, I began to count. I thought to myself...hum, I wonder how many times he will keep calling me until I respond.

So, I began to count and we're off...1, 2, 3, 4...8...12...16. Yes, 16 times he called my name! Man, is he persistent or what? I bet you are wondering why he needed me so much. I finally caved in at the 16th "Mom?" by quietly answering "Yes? What do you need?" (that is a big success for me not to have answered the way I was feeling at that moment!---Small Success #1)

The poor thing has a pulled chest muscle and has to put on a heating pad off/on throughout the day. He was sitting there reading a book "Around the World in 80 days" and he just had to tell me something about the story. Oh, these personalities are so bittersweet (but aren't we all?)- he loves to talk-I love to talk- and he is so likable and enjoyable to talk with and be around talking about stuff-all kinds of why the clouds look like that; and is the squid actually a fish?; and can you really travel the world in 80 days?; and what kind of rifles did they use in the civil war? (do you get my drift yet?-he LOVES to talk!) I have been trying to channel his energy not only to talking but other things as well-boy energy! I have learned never to underestimate the energy of a boy-they will amaze us-and he did! (Small Success #2) A good idea that I will try to implement his love of talking is into writing-any other ideas anyone?

I wonder if anyone else had days and children that sound like this?

ANYWAY, our sweet baby is down for an early nap so I am going to get my prayers in and maybe even squeeze in 5 minutes of reading my new book that I am enjoying soooooo much :) Thank you, lovey, for surprising me with this book along with a new vacuum~! I have to say I don't know which one I love more! Yes! I absolutely do love to vacuum! Why, you wonder? B/c it is a small instant gratification in this life of formation in our house and it is one this I actually enjoy to do :) Laundry, on the other hand, well...anyone interested in helping me out? My awesome husband has been my life saver of folding laundry this week-thank you! (Finding out my strengths-"Know thyself" and asking for help for those weaknesses-this surely would be Small Success #3)

Folks, have a grand day. Oh, BTW, we're all feeling well now -thanks be to God :)

Go see more small successes (even if a day late!) here!

God bless u,

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