Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bug crazy

Out of the blue (with this Kid-it's always out of the blue!) while doing his handwriting assignment...Kid #1 says to me:

"Mom, don't turn on the heat. Okay?"

With a quizzical face, I look at him and think "Why would I? It's 77*!"

You see, yesterday the boys caught a caterpillar. So, of course they ran inside (with it in hand mind you! I don't mind bugs but bugs in my house is not a good thing and makes this Momma cringe a wee bit) and grabbed one of the bug catching containers (uhm...my gladware! argh!) and ran back outside. The next time I saw the bug in the "bug container" was after dinner. It sat upon my kitchen counter keeping my plant (the only plant that I can keep happy!) and napkins company.

So, after lunch (yes, it took me till after lunch today!) I noticed it again, started to push aside the leaf and dirt and grass...

"Uhm...boys? Where is the caterpillar?"

In which they both responded "I don't know."

So, now we have an empty-no where to be seen caterpillar- gladware container....er, I mean bug container...on my counter.

This is where my son tells me not to put on the heat.

"Well, Mom, the caterpillar may be hiding under the baseboards. Ya know, it's dark under there and they like the dark. So... don't turn on the heat, okay? It probably will be turning into larvae soon too. So, no heat, okay?"

eeewww! Gross! LOL!

Boys will be boys!

God bless,

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